For more than 50 years, we have been specialists in manufacturing the highest quality tools.

Productive flexibility and service at the highest level are the entire purpose of our company.

We are the excellent hand tool.



A bit of history

Consistency and work are the defining words used to describe the heritage of Zenten. Story that started in 1966 when Bernhard Groten, a young German decided to start a small workshop in Irún where manual drills and sharpeners were manufactured.

That small workshop is today a factory of almost 5,000 m2 where 50 specialists in the manufacturing of hand tools work.Our factory has been future proofed to ensure it can continue to grow and adapt to demands of an ever-changing industry. We utilize state of the art machinery that has been specifically designed and developed by ourselves, ensuring that we operate at an optimum level of efficiency, safety and quality.


We do it so

We create, develop and manufacture for those who appreciate excellence, want to know the true origin of the products they handle and want to work with quality.

The high quality, an innovative design and the perfect finish of our tools make us present in the most important markets. Perfection is the result of hard work, passion, and attention.

Every year more than 1,000,000 items manufactured in our factory are shiped from Irun, of which 95% is export to other countries. We are experts in managing international clients.


From partner to partner

The greatest legacy is not the wealth that one leaves, but the path marked for others. And our path is excellence, which passes from partner to partner, from generation to generation.

New processes, technological advances, management innovation … are part of the ZENTEN philosophy. And that’s why our tools always improve.

These are times of change. These are times of great professionals. And so we will continue.

Thinking about de future.