DENAKUT + Ø1” (26mm)

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DENAKUT + Ø1” (26mm)

MODEL 5126


For multilayer tubes

Pipe cutter with magnesium body, robust and very light. The 4-needle bearing roller system facilitates the rotation of the pipe during cutting. The blade is designed for cutting multi-layer pipes. In addition, the handles are equipped with a system for cutting corrugated plastic pipe.
Automatic blade retraction and one-hand lock.
The tool can be customised in colour, labelling and packaging according to customer requirements.



“Twist&Cut”-system. 4 rollers with needle bearings helping the turn of the tube during the cut.


“Made in Solingen / Germany” blade. Special edge geometry and PTFE Coating.


Automatic blade release


One handed locking system.


 Rotation system with steel socket equipped with needle bearings.


Rubber grip with anti-impact system.


Integrated cutting system for corrugated protected tubes (18-35MM). It allows cutting the protection tube without damaging the inner tube. With 4 three-edge blades. Three times longer life of the system turning the blades 120º. With PTFE-coating.

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